Encouraging collaborative city-level discussion.

For ARCAM, we created an AR platform for collaborative decision making amongst city planners. In this AR-enabled platform, we enocurage our users to access data to make educated desicions, as well as share opinions with the public.

Client: ARCAM (Amsterdam Centre for Architecture), Play & Civic Media

Project type: Multi-disciplinary team

Time span: 5 weeks

Completed in 2020

“Phygital” Design

Our platform consists of a “phygital” framework where the physicality of the 3D tiles act as a base for the AR (Augmented Reality) tablet-based application. The tiles are tesselated and connected with magnets, to simulate a bare map of Amsterdam. This makes transport, sustainable updates and open-source possible.

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3D Printing, 3D modelling and Data Visualization

We tested the platform in multiple user tests. Our aim was to evaluate the validity of the collaboration feature of the application. In addition, we were also looking to understand the dynamic of collaborative problem-solving with real-time data visualization of the city, which was 3D modelled in AR over the physical map and tiles.


Although the primary target users are city-planners, we understood through user testing that citizens also find value in the platform. One of our participants pointed out that this application would allow for easier comparison between neighborhoods when comparing mortgages, for example. This insight was incorporated in the final prototype, extending the functionality of the 3D tiles to paper maps. Although having a central focus in city-planning meetings allows for a more engaging in-person experience, we felt that allowing residents to access the platform with a low-barrier paper map would improve accessibility.


The overall experience was designed with in-person collaboration in mind. As the Play & Civic Media department continues to research methodologies for data visualization (and collaboration) in urban planning, we hope to be further involved in this project.

Special thanks

All parts of the project were collaborated on with my project team, ARCAM and Play & Civic Media (HVA).


The graphic pictured (right) was created by my team member, Bianca Brandner.